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Monday, May 21, 2007

First shot at using YouTube

It seems to me that many of my readers simply can not appreciate how cute Maxine is based on pictures and my pitiful scribblings. In order to remedy this situation, I have registered at YouTube, and am even now attempting to link this post to a video which I have put up on that esteemed site.

If it works, you should get a video of Maxine eating ice cream, right here on this page! If it doesn't work, I recommend going to YouTube and searching for Maxine Eating Ice cream. Or something like that.

Oh,and one more thing: Aubrey is back! Go check her blog! I've got a link over there on the left.


Jeff said...

She is cute. Must of got it from your lovely wife cause I've never known you to be cute.

Youtube worked great. Only took about 5 minutes for the whole video to download and that is great when you factor in that I am doing this from beautiful Kathmandu.

Anonymous said...

Maxine is so freakin' cute. She keeps getting cuter and cuter, no thanks to you (BURN!)

I wonder though if you could have given such a cute little kid an even bigger freakin' spoon with which to eat ice cream.


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