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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Desperately hoping...

In my previous post I mentioned that we would be getting internet at home by Thursday. Tonight Hoyron asked if I could get her Korean laptop computer working, and I said, "Sure." I plugged it in after double-checking the voltage on the adapter, then started it up. I figured I might play a little Spider Solitaire, but out of curiosity decided to check whether or not the internet was working.

Imagine my surprise when I found that it was. No cables, no connections. There are about a dozen wireless networks within reach of this laptop. Most of them require passwords, but "Freenet" is just sitting there, with a very inviting name, ready for anyone with the right hardware to just log on and get busy.

Dude! How awesome is that? And it's faster than my parents' connection!

Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if I were downloading a ton of viruses even as I write this. The darned computer keeps asking me questions in Korean, and I just sort of guess at "yes" or "no". It hasn't exploded yet, so I guess I'm OK.

Anyway, it looks like we're in business here. I'm waiting to get wired access before buying anything online, but I figure that anyone stealing my log-on for Roblog is more likely to improve my content than to screw it up.

It's after midnight, and I'm tired. I drove to Leavenworth and back and did some serious shopping today. Almost every day is a serious shopping day for us, it seems. I bought a drill today, because you can't be a real manly man without a drill. I also bought mustard, because you can't make a proper ham sandwich without mustard. And I bought a new shower head that is a bit higher than our old one, because I was getting tired of squatting in the shower to get my hair wet, and we wanted one with a hose so that we could wash Maxine more easily.

Maxine loves taking a shower. She complains when we take her out.

Horyon wants to use her computer now, and I have a task in the kitchen: for my dinner I wanted to make some instant potatoes, so I put the water, milk and butter in a pan and turned on the stove. It seemed to be warming up slowly, but I'm still getting used to using electricy instead of gas. Then I smelled smoke. I had turned on the wrong burner, and instead of warming up my liquids I was burning the hell out of Horyon's rice, which she had just finished cooking.

I felt terrible, and apologized repeatedly, as well as offering to clean the pot. Fortunately it is a Visions Cookware pot, so I don't expect too much trouble. Nevertheless, if I don't get on it, it won't get done.


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