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Friday, May 18, 2007

Nothin' But 'Net (and phone)

That's right, we have internet, right in our home. Not just the slow free stuff, either. Genuine cable internet. Fast enough for our needs. Soon you will be seeing pictures of us doing what we do on a regular (for me) basis.

My Dad working:
My wife messing with the new refrigerator:
Us getting our first mail (a gift card for Bed, Bath and Beyond from Aunt Becky! Thanks!)
And, of course, Maxine. Playing:
and just being cute:
No, this was not a natural pose. I had to position her and get out of the way quickly for Horyon to take the picture. She kept wanting to get up and bounce around because we were laughing and having a good time watching her.

I know, it's been a long time without much posting. It was almost two weeks from the time I called until Sunflower (our phone and internet company) could get out here. I thought that was a long wait until they got started. First there was one guy, and he told me he had some work to do outside before he would come in. So I cleaned out the garage a bit, trying to expose enough floor to walk through. We still have many boxes piled out there, but we have whittled it down considerably from the original 54. I won't be parking our minivan inside for some time.

After about an hour, I wandered around the house to see what was going on. The guy told me that he needed some help, and another guy was on his way. Eventually there were three of them here, in three separate vehicles. They didn't bug me at all, though we had a slight problem getting the phone to work; apparently he had forgotten to flip a switch somewhere. Quickly solved. The original guy spent about two hours and 45 minutes here. I'm not sure how long the other guys spent, but it seemed like a lot of manpower to me. And this was in a house which had internet and phone service from the same company until just a couple of months ago. I don't want to think about starting fresh.

I do have a lot of posting to do. I will probably never get caught up on the past few months. And soon I will have to get a job, as well as finish settling into the house (where do we put all of our stuff?), mowing the yard from time to time (it's less fun the third time than the first), finding things around town (though I know where Home Depot, Target and Wal-Mart are), planning for the fall (I'd sure like to be teaching), spending time with Maxine (she is getting more communicative all the time!), and riding my bike (I just bought a new one Wednesday, after going through a minor car problem).

So keep your eye on Roblog. If you want my phone number, email me. If you want to stop by, wait until we have enough furniture to invite you to have a seat at the same time that we sit.



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Anonymous said...

Nice end tables.
Uncle Bob

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