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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Don't worry, she's not as freaked as she looks. She wasn't even screaming, just barely making a little bit of noise. Probably camera shy.

On Thursday Horyon will leave the resting place to go stay with her parents. This is a move which I have mixed feelings about. Don't get me wrong, I love my in-laws, but they sometimes drive me a bit crazy, and we have differing opinions on how to raise children. I think I will just leave it at that for now.

Yesterday Horyon told me that we need to go to Seoul to the American Embassy before Maxine is 30 days old. I was skeptical of this, but upon checking with the U.S. Embassy website, found that indeed the Korean government likes to have foreigners check in within 30 days of arrival. Even the babies. So I started asking at school for someone to cover my Friday morning classes next week.

When my coworker Paul heard this, he told me that it was a bunch of baloney. He is also married to a Korean woman, and they have two kids. The first they rushed to Seoul, only to find that it wasn't really necessary. The second kid, they delayed 3 months. No problem. He said they had to pay some fee, maybe $20 or $30. Well worth not having to take a one-month-old baby on an all-day train ride and visa run.

Meanwhile, Budding Science Fiction Fan Maxine enjoys her first novel. Well, it looks like she's enjoying it, right?

My intention was to use the book to show some scale, but after taking the picture I realized how amusing it was. If you're considering bugging me about the Darwin reference, consider lightening up.



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Snow said...

Hmmmm sell you on Live Journal. Okay.

It's easy to use. Yes, you still have to learn some HTML to post pics, but dude, if I can do it, anyone can.

You can lock your posts, make them private (for your eyes only), have them friendslocked (which is what all mine are, except for fiction I write) or filter them to specific people. You can have interest lists which connect you with people that have the same *perversions* interests.

I love it. Wouldn't leave it for anything. I have a paid account (supercheap), but there are free journals also.

Plus, there is the bonus that I would be able to show you off, or um, pimp your journal to my flist. And one can never have too many friends.

oh! And I wouldn't have to keep typing in my name and the spam!bot thing.

*is annoyed by that*

*smooches you*

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