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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Some pictures

Horyon's favorite nurse at the hospital seemed to be working extremely long hours. Until Horyon saw her actually leave in street clothes, than show up ten minutes later in her hospital gown. When confronted, she admitted to being a twin. I'm not sure which twin is in this picture.

Horyon had her picture taken by her father before leaving, since I couldn't be there to see them go.

And somehow Horyon managed to get a picture of Maxine looking right into the camera. I'm impressed, and a bit jealous.

And finally, one trick we found to make Maxine feel more comfortable was to let her arms wave free. Before that, we always swaddled her. We found that she prefers to sleep with her hands in the "stick-em-up", or "Superman-in-flight" position:

Yeah. She's even cuter in real life.




Uncle Bob said...

Just wanted you to know how much we enjoy the pictures and comments.

Ruthie Foo said...

Hey Rob,

Sammy likes to lay in the same position only we call it the "Touchdown" pose. He also like to have his hands and arms free to flail about.

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