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Saturday, October 22, 2005

What's that name again?

It has come to my attention that some of you find my daughter's middle name to be a phonetic challenge. And so here is your lesson in pronouncing Eunhye.

First of all, like most Korean names, it is clearly divided into two syllables, with a slight emphasis on the first: "Eun" and "hye".

The "Eun" is the same as the "on" sound in "bacon". Nothing like the word "on" at all, and also nothing like the "un" sound at the beginning of "unobtrosive" or "unconstructive".

The "hye" is pretty much the same as the word "hay". Koreans tell me that it is not the same, and that there are subtle distinctions between "hye" and "hae". I usually respond by outlining the subtle differences between "Yeah" and "Whatever".

The spelling is not exactly random. It follows the latest rules for romanizing Korean names. To a Korean, they make sense easily. At birth registration time, registrating for American citizenship time, and passport time, this will make things a bit easier, as it is very important to be consistent with spelling in these things.

Oh, and last time I tantalized you with the promise of nude bath pics. The first one is getting ready to take a bath. Maxine was a bit upset at the preceedings, but she managed to adjust.

Oh, and in my last entry I tantalized you with the promise of nude bath pics. Please note how I managed to cleverly conceal the naughty bits.

Thanks for tuning in. Peace, Rob

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