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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back on the Bike

This past winter was a no-bike winter for me. Even late fall didn't hold many rides for Rob, and in December I was going to work early and coming home after dark, so I didn't even ride back and forth to work. There is no excuse for not riding in January. It was cold, but not icy or snowy, and while preparing to move to America took a lot of time, I still had time to read and watch some t.v. (I got addicted to the Fox t.v. show "Medium", which in Korea is called "Ghost and Crime". The premise is a bit silly, but the execution is mostly excellent. Pardon my pun.)

Last week we moved in with Horyon's parents, and I decided to partially fill my free time by cycling. I started in yesterday, with about 20 km (12 miles) of mostly level riding. I did the short but nasty hill at the end of Kwanganli Beach, the finished up with a circuit of Dongmyung University (a.k.a. Tongmyung Institute of Technology, a.k.a. T.I.T.) The T.I.T. is nice because it doesn't get much traffic, it's a smooth easy ride to the peak, and the innuendos flow just as smooth as you please.

Today I rode Iggie-dae after warming up on the T.I.T. Iggiedae is about 5km (3 miles), two and a half up, two and a half down. It can be painful when I'm in good shape. Today I felt like I was doing my dragon impersonation, with actual flames coming out of my mouth, though the rest of my body was quite cool. The Weather Underground site says the temperature a couple of hours ago was 54 degrees, though it wouldn't surprise me if it's dropped into the 40s by now.

I ended up doing just over 20 km today, following up Iggiedae with a quick ride out to Kwanganli, back through the T.I.T. one more time, then home. I am now looking forward to a hot shower, but wanted to post first, so that someday there will be some sort of evidence that I occasionally get off my butt and move.


Anonymous said...

4" of snow here. School is out. Wind chill of 10 to -10. Have a nice ride while you can.
Uncle Bob

Aubrey said...

"The premise is a bit silly, but the execution is mostly excellent. Pardon my pun."

You just loved that, didn't you?

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