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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More Moving

Here's the truck:And here it is with our stuff in it:
The night before we were quite pleased with ourselves:

While the movers were doing their thing we spent some time watching and answering their questions. But it eventually got to the point where we were more in the way than helpful, so we retreated to the bedroom with the other stuff that wasn't being boxed up and sent.
If you are not familiar with Korean food culture, and how it differs from American food culture, you will be surprised at how much food Horyon packed to take to America.
This does not include the many, many bags of ramyeon which are distributed throughout our boxes like some sort of twisted Easter-egg hunt. You may know ramen noodles, a popular, filling yet tasteless "oriental style" noodle popular with college students. The ramen in America is tasteless and pretty much devoid of nutritional content other than carbohydrates. The Korean version, comes in many varieties, some very spicy, and some more brothy. And one should never overlook the entertainment value of ramen.

The rest of the food includes the following:

1 big-ass jug of soy sauce. I know they have soy sauce in America, but this is different.
1 medium-ass jug of fermented anchovy juice. Believe me, it smells a lot worse than it sounds.
1 Rob's-head-sized container of chili-pepper paste, made by Horyon's mom. Nothing beats homemade food.
1 slightly-smaller-than-Rob's-head-sized container of fermented bean paste, also made by Horyon's mom. This stuff is used for making soup, stews and strong smells, though not even in the same ballpark as the fermented anchovy juice.

Hopefully U.S. customs won't think that we are selling agents for bio-warfare.

I didn't get on my bike yesterday, but as soon as I am finished posting this I will squeeze into my spandex and get to pushing those pedals. Have a good day!



Jeff said...

Good luck with the food. Rumor in Thailand is that US Customs does not like to have food imported into the country that is not in a factory sealed package. So I am not sure if you will get the chili paste or bean paste. I hope you do. I, however, have never had trouble hand carrying in food unless it was fresh fruit or veggies. Make sure you throw away any of those that you have before you get off the plane. We had apple slices for the kids confiscated by customs in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

How am I to have a good day thinking of you in spandex?!
Uncle Bob

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