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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Obligitory Maxine Pictures and Plans

My next post will have more details on our life. This post is just what we are living for.

Got milk?
Good for bones, teeth, hair and mustaches. Maxine enjoyed this cup of milk, and I couldn't resist snapping a shot of this grinning, milk-guzzling little cutie.

Last week I cooked a little Thai stir-fry, with mushrooms, broccoli, chicken and egg. (To forestall the smart-alek questions, I will go ahead and tell you that the chicken came first in this recipe.) I was quite happy with the results, but wasn't sure how Maxine would take to it.
She took a close look at it first. Poke, poke. Doesn't look familiar.

Am I supposed to eat this green thing?

But as you can see, once she actually took a bite, she was overcome with ecstasy. She enjoyed it a lot, and together we ate quite a bit. We left some for Horyon, but by the time she got home Maxine was hungry again and ate almost half of her Mommy's share. Ah, the sacrifices a mother makes.

And just in case you thought that I only took pictures of Maxine while she was eating, allow me to present "The Boxer"
Once again, I am reminded of cat behavior. She loves sitting in boxes. I know that the expression on her face here looks like someone forced her to do it, but that is not the case! This is all her!

I hope you've enjoyed this quick fix. Tomorrow the movers will come and take away a huge chunk of our stuff. I've already got some packing pictures, including a couple of Horyon! If all goes well, I should be able to post again tomorrow night.

Here is a preview of the important dates: Movers tomorrow. Maxine moved to the in-laws' home Tuesday (yesterday), and Horyon is staying there tonight, while I'm staying here to get a few more things done (like this).

Horyon went to Seoul Monday, and will go again Friday, both for Korean government paperwork. In between she has spent a lot of time doing government paperwork here. Hopefully we will soon have a date for an interview, and hopefully that date will be at the end of February. But we can't do the interview until Horyon has the medical exam, complete with chest x-ray and stuff at a certified, U.S. government approved hospital. The soonest appointment she can get in Pusan is March 5th, so that may factor in. Or she could go to Seoul for an earlier appointment. After all, what's one more trip back and forth to Seoul? Once we go to the interview, we have every reason to expect that she will get her visa within three or four days, after which we can buy a plane ticket.

We're thinking the third week of March. This will give us time for:

1. Horyon to visit friends and family.
2. Eating more Korean food.
3. Grandpa and Grandma to be with Maxine.
4. Studying sewing.

My parents will be on a cruise until March 24th or so, so Horyon doesn't see much point in going home before that. Unfortunately, in one of those little twists that life throws you, we can't really ship our stuff to America until I am actually there to receive it. American customs, or perhaps the security guys, must be worried that perhaps I would send my mess to America and then not come to look after it.

Well, that's more than I had planned on writing this evening, and it's after midnight. The movers will be here at 9 a.m., and I want to be ready for them, like that kid in "Home Alone."



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