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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I just want to say that the movers were awesome. Two guys wearing orange shirts, with lots of boxes and tape. They took our pile of stuff, boxed it up, and put it in the truck.
I asked if I could take pictures of them working, and they asked that I please not take pictures of their faces. Perhaps they are involved in some kind of witness protection program.

They had lots of boxes, but they also made boxes for stuff that wouldn't fit. They older guy was obviously in charge. The younger guy told us that his nick-name is "Packing Tape MacGyver". How cool is that?

Yeah, "MacGyver" had a big impact on Korea. I have a Swiss Army style pocket knife, and everyone here refers to it as a "MacGyver knife". So this nickname is a true compliment. Perhaps not as flattering as calling him "The A-Team of Packing Tape", but still pretty good.

They first got most of the boxes out into the hall, then stacked them up way high on little wheeled platforms.
I can only attach five photos per post, so the picture of our stuff in a truck will have to go up some other time.

We tipped these guys $40. They were friendly, fast, and told us that they would probably finish around 2 a.m. Being a smart-ass, I immediately asked them if we really had that much stuff. They actually laughed, once Horyon retranslated my crappy Korean. Like I said, nice guys.

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Jeff said...

Just went through this myself. It took a team of 7 packers/movers four days to pack and load all of our stuff into two shipments. Shipment number one is by air. It consists of 16 boxes of about 600lbs. We will get this shipment within two weeks after arriving in Wisconsin on August 25th. The second shipment is 235 boxes which will take up most of a 70 foot container. This will not get to Wisconsin until early December. It will take this long as we will not let them send it until we have a house. Our current plans are to move into my mothers house for about 2 weeks until we find an apartment. Hopefully we will be able to find jobs quickly so we can know where to look for a house. Still very confusing for living arrangments in the US.

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