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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Moving Day

Horyon is still with us!

I'm starting this post on Horyon's laptop, and I can't get Blogger to boot up in English. All the menu stuff is in Korean. Fortunately, I'm somewhat familiar with the layout, so I can make do.

Today was a bit odd. The movers told us they would come at 9, so we figured they'd probably be here around 8:30. Instead they called around 8:30 and said they would be late. They actually came at 10. Not bad. Made the morning a bit more relaxed. I had time to eat my oatmeal and do some last minute rearranging.

It's about 2:30 now, and the two guys are almost finished packing the rest of our stuff. Horyon and I packed 21 boxes altogether, finishing the last of them yesterday evening. I was wishing we had a few more boxes, because there was still stuff I could have packed.

Whoa. I just went back and read that last paragraph and have to ask myself, "Who the hell are you?" One of my mother's favorite scrapbook pieces is a piece of paper with a note from me that says, "See? I finished in time!" The night before I left for Nepal to join the Peace Corps, I was packing feverishly. When my parents went to bed, my room was a complete mess, and my suitcases still in the closet. I was genuinely proud of myself for finishing, but my mother was perhaps not so impressed. I believe she kept that note because she truly enjoys irony. They told me later that they filled a full-sized trash bag in the next few days cleaning out the remnants of my room.

Mom, you would be proud of me today. I've been boxing stuff for the past three weeks, and writing down the contents as I went. Horyon has also been working on it, but she's had classes, sewing lessons and shopping; not much free time.

She has bought a lot of thread and cloth. I believe that her goal is for us to not have to buy clothes for a couple of years. Unfortunately for everyone around me, it looks like I'll be wearing a lot of pretty dresses.

So the movers have packed up another 30+ boxes. Horyon and I agree that we pack more tightly than they do. They wrap up damn near everything in layers of paper. That's fine for dishes and wine glasses and stuff, but we're talking about plastic bowls and cups, too. Oh well, at least they are doing it, instead of us.

We gave them $40 for lunch. This isn't really a requirement, it's a culturally acceptable way to tip. I think we're their second job today, and they told us that they will probably finish work today around 2 a.m. Whatever these guys are being paid, I doubt it's enough. I hope they had a good lunch.

It looks like we won't find out how much this will cost until everything is gone and there is no way to take it back.


It is now the next day. I was unable to finish this post yesterday, for reasons which I will get into later.

This picture:
Are we Finished yet?
and the picture of Horyon at the top of this entry were taken the night before the movers came. Horyon looks cheerful but tired. I somehow mange to contain my excitement for my photo.

It was amazing how much stuff we moved around, though not as amazing as what the movers did.
My biggest accomplishment was:
From this
to this:

I'm going to have to post about the movers later, as I have a lunch appointment now.



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Aubrey said...

I am in awe at your abilities. I hate packing and am wondering if that is why I decided to stay in Korea for an additional year.

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